Health & Safety

hmd Group are committed to providing a conducive working environment for all employees to promote the effectiveness of their contribution.

We aim to provide safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work for all of our employees and visitors, providing all the information, training and supervision that are needed.

We accept our responsibility for the health and safety of other people who may be affected by our activities.

This policy will be kept up to date, particularly as the business changes in nature and size.

To ensure the effectiveness of the policy and the way it is actioned it is reviewed on a regular basis,

hmd Group has not been subject to any fines, prosecutions, improvement or prohibition notices and investigations by the Health and Safety Executive or other enforcing body.

Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 Part 1 Sections 7 and 8 states:

It shall be the duty of every employee while at work to take reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and others who may be affected by their acts or omissions at work, and, as regards any duty or requirement imposed on his employer or any other person by or under any statutory provisions to co-operate with them so far as is necessary to enable the duty or requirement to be performed or complied with.

No person shall intentionally or recklessly interfere with or misuse anything provided in the interests of health, safety, welfare in pursuance of any of the relevant statutory provisions.

The co-operation of all employees is necessary to provide quality of service, meet legal obligations and ensure the protection of the working environment.

We are also further committed to the prevention of accidents and work related ill health by investigation into near misses and accidents, in order to prevent re-occurrences.

Alan Payne
Managing Director